We help ambitious organisations build brands with passion. How can we help you?


At Alder and Alder we build brands with passion. Brands for companies, for charities, for products, for campaigns. Brands that make a difference and give our clients a competitive advantage, so they can win new business and retain customer loyalty.

We help food and drink producers launch new products. We help charities to raise their profile. We help manufacturers break in to new markets. We help ambitious organisations take their next step and turn their passion into success. How can we help you?

Brand Consultancy

Brand Consultancy 460 x 200

Brand consultancy is all about giving your organisation a competitive advantage. Whether we’re working with a business owner or leadership team, we can bring brand insight to the heart of your organisation.

This can be to help you achieve a specific short-term goal, like launching a new product. Or it may be to provide on-going brand insight for your organisation, to support your long-term objectives. Whatever you need, we know that the closer we are able to work with you, the better we will get to know you and the greater the competitive advantage we can create for you.

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Design Consultancy

Brand Design 460 x 200

Design Consultancy is about creating the visual side of your brand, to make your organisation distinctive and memorable.

Whether that is designing a logo, a website, a brochure or a piece of packaging, the role of design consultancy is to help your organisation communicate your message. You could be a new business starting with a blank canvas, or an established business that already has things in place. We’ll work with you to design whatever you need, from a full visual identity, to a single label for a new product, to give you a competitive advantage – in print and online.

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