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How to use your brand identity in a recession

Your brand identity is a powerful communication tool. It can raise your profile and help you to stand out. In a challenging economic environment, defined by change and uncertainty, your brand identity can become even more valuable. So it’s really important to understand how to use your brand identity in a recession.

Covid-19 has brought a huge amount of change to the way we live and work. The restrictions to movement imposed by lockdown gave people fewer opportunities to leave the house. People spent more time online, more time watching TV, more time listening to podcasts. Companies looked for opportunities to deliver their products and services direct to customers, through home delivery or digital channels.

As lockdown has been lifted many of these changes have returned to their previous pattern. But there is evidence that some of these changes to behaviour – working from home, for example – will be retained, in many instances. As a result, businesses are needing to adapt to different ways of communicating.

What is your brand identity?

Your brand identity is the foundation of your communication, whether that is in print, in person or online. There are six elements to your brand identity: your logo, typeface, colour palette, imagery, language and design style. These elements, when used well, provide everything you need to communicate with your customers.

The Coca-Cola brand identity is one of the most recognised in the world. The familiar script logo has remained almost unchanged since 1890. Their consistent use of colour has helped their packaging and advertising to stand out on shelves and high streets around the world. Even Coca Cola bottles have a distinctive shape. All of these elements combine to create a brand identity that has enabled Coca Cola to remain recognised and relevant, around the globe, despite vast shifts in popular culture, two world wars, and several recessions.

To understand how to use your brand identity in a recession, there are two roles to consider:
• Maintain your profile
• Raise your profile


Maintain your profile

In a situation that has seen a lot of change and uncertainty, your brand is an opportunity to maintain your profile. The consistent use of your brand identity will project an image of stability, and help to maintain trust with your customers.

Your brand identity – the sight of your logo – reminds customers you’re still there. At a time when some companies are shrinking (and some disappearing altogether) durability is a valuable asset. Your brand identity – the visual assets of your company – act as a reminder for customers, of the values they associate with your business.

Raise your profile

For some businesses Covid-19 has created a need – or perhaps opportunity – to break into new markets and attempt to reach new customers. To do this you will need to raise your profile. Your brand identity is a great tool for helping your to make an impact, whether that is in print or online.

Your brand identity, when used consistently, gives you the potential to be distinctive and memorable. In a situation where your business, and your message, is new and unfamiliar to customers, this is extremely valuable.

In an environment that is increasingly challenging, clear, consistent communication is really important. Whether you need to maintain your profile with existing customers, or you want to raise your profile with new customers, understanding how to use your brand identity in a recession will give you a competitive advantage.

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