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How to brand a big idea

Coronavirus has given businesses an opportunity to stop and think. It’s given them a reason to consider doing things differently. It’s a chance to reinvent themselves. For many businesses coronavirus is an opportunity to unleash a big idea. This could be embracing e-commerce or switching to a four day week. But big ideas need big brands to support them, so it’s important to understand how to brand a big idea.

What started as a necessity – driven by coronavirus – has now become an opportunity for many comapnies. Businesses large and small are making radical changes that would have been unthought of six months ago. Twitter are just one of the companies that have embraced remote working. They have told staff they can work from home “forever”. Companies have completely changed their business model. Some have adopted the digital delivery of products and services. Others are selling into entirely new sectors.

For some businesses, in a period of short-term economic uncertainty, these changes present the potential for long-term security. They present an opportunity to reach new customers, or offer new services or products to existing customers.

But customers aren’t necessarily looking for something new. In an environment full of change they want something reliable, something familiar. The bigger the change, the bigger the risk that customers – old or new – won’t embrace it. So communication is really important. Your message needs to be clear, confident and compelling.

Your brand is your communication channel with your customers. If you are considering how to brand a big idea, there are three elements of your brand to consider:

Brand values

Your brand values are a set of guiding principles, that should influence how you do business. So while WHAT you do might change, HOW you do it shouldn’t. Understanding what values you need to reflect in your big idea, will help you to engage your customers. Your values will give your big idea the consistency that your customers are looking for.

Brand identity

Your brand identity is the visual elements of your brand. Your logo is at the heart of your brand identity, but there are five other elements. These are: typeface, imagery, colour, language and design style. Understanding how to utilise each of these elements will help you to present your big idea with confidence and consistency. Your brand identity will make your big idea distinctive and memorable.

Brand proposition

Your brand proposition is a description of the benefit of your product or service, to your customers. It should explain the problem you will solve, or the opportunity you will create. Your customers’ are in an environment where their needs and expectations are changing. Your proposition will demonstrate how your big idea is relevant to them.


Coronavirus has brought challenges. But it has also brought opportunities, for those businesses that are looking for them. For some businesses coronavirus has been the catalyst for them to unleash a big idea. But to make this big idea a big success, you need to understand how to brand a big idea.

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