Brand Design is about creating the tools you need to communicate with your audience. This focuses on the visual elements of your brand. It covers the things people see and read, like your logo or the colours you use. But it can also include the language you use to describe your products and services. So sometimes these tools are things that people can hear, as well as see.

Brand Design: The core elements

The foundation of Brand Design is creating your visual identity. Your visual identity consists of six elements: Your logo, typeface, colour palette, imagery, language and design style. These six elements provide all the raw materials you need to communicate with your audience, in print, in person and online.

Brand Design will help you to:


The role of your logo

The inspiration for your visual identity is the information gathered at the Brand Definition stage, through the Brand Review. Your brand proposition provides a reference point for the design of your visual identity.

Designing your logo is often the first step in creating your visual identity. Your logo is a visual signature for your organization. It provides an opportunity to differentiate your organisation from your competition. Your logo is your introduction to the world. It will often be the first thing your target audience see, so it’s important to get it right.


Creating your visual identity

It’s also important to remember that your logo is only one element of your visual identity. An important element, but only one. To create a clear picture of your organisation you need the full set. You need all the elements of your visual identity.




The importance of Brand Design

Brand Design is the opportunity to create a comprehensive tool kit: your visual identity. With these tools you will be able to share your message – your brand proposition – with your target audience. By combining the elements of your visual identity, you will be able to create a brand that is distinctive and memorable.

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