Brand design will help your organization to be distinctive and memorable. It’s about creating the tools you need to make a visual impact, in print, in person and online. Brand design makes it much easier to sell your products and services.

What is Brand design?

Your brand is the personality of your orgnaisation. It reflects your values, attitude, belief and aspirations. But you can’t see it. Which can make it hard to share it with others and get them excited about it. That’s why brand design is so important. It turns your brand into something physical; something that people can see and hear.

How we work with you

The first step in this process is to create a design brief. The design brief acts as a reference point between us and you. It’s a set of instructions, describing what’s required. It will list dates for completing key tasks and the material to be delivered at the end of the project. A good design brief reduces the potential for confusion or misunderstanding.

But brand design is about capturing the personality of your organisation. So a good design brief should describe what that personality is. It should list the values you want to reflect, describe the image you want to project and state the message you want to convey. This is all information that should be gathered through any brand definition activity.

With a comprehensive design brief we can embark on the design process. We begin with the design of your brand identity. There are six elements in your brand identity, each one an opportunity to make your organisation distinctive and memorable. These elements are: Your logo, typeface, colour palette, imagery, language and design style. We will look at each in turn and consider how to make the best use of them. When complete, your brand identity provides a practical tool kit. It has everything you need to create your marketing material, whether that’s an A4 brochure, product packaging or digital content.

When you need to think about this

In a crowded market you need to stand out. Brand design creates the opportunity for you to do that, day in, day out. But there are some situations where brand design, and its power to make an impact – are more important.

A common scenario is when your organization is doing something new. This could be launching a new product, breaking in to a new market or targeting new customers. Brand design – and the elements of your brand identity – provide the tools to make this new initiative a success.

Whatever you want to achieve, brand design – and the brand identity behind it – gives you the opportunity to be distinctive and memorable. It creates all the tools you will need to deliver your brand strategy.

If you would like to know more about brand design, and what it could do for your organisation, drop us an email, or call Jonathan on 07816 870842. It would be great to hear from you!

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