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Brand management will drive your business success more efficiently and effectively. It is the process of building a relationship with your customers, through managing the quality of their experience.

Your brand experience is influenced by every single interaction people have with your organisation. It might begin with your logo, but it will include the price of your products, the attitude of your staff and the quality of your facilities. Every element of your organisation can make a difference. We’ll work with you to identify – and exploit – these opportunities. The better the brand experience you deliver, the stronger the relationship you build with your customers.

How to manage your brand experience

There are four dimensions to your brand experience, four factors that influence it: your product or service, your communication, your people, your environment. To build a great brand experience you need to manage each of them.

Your product or service
This is probably the most significant element of your brand experience. The reason is it’s what your customers have paid for. A number of factors can influence this. These could include the price, the availability or the quality of your product or service.
Your communication
This includes your activity online and offline. It covers visual assets, like your logo and website. It also includes the messages in social media and PR activity. Each of these elements will determine the quality of your communication.

Your people
Your people are a powerful asset in delivering your brand experience. This is true whether that interaction is online or face-to-face. The quality of the brand experience will be influenced by their attitude and experience.
Your environment
The environment where you interact your target audience can be physical or digital. This physical environment could be retail space, an office or even a trade show. For digital businesses the environment could be a website or an app.


Why brand management is important

Business isn’t static, and neither is your position in the market. Competitors change; they launch new products and target new sectors. Customers change too; their needs and expectations evolve over time. In order to remain effective (and efficient), your brand strategy will need to adapt to.

Brand Management is the on-going measurement of the quality of your brand experience. Sometimes that measurement might be something tangible, like sales volume. How many products did you sell last month? But it could also be more anecdotal. What are customers saying about you on social media? Brand management is the opportunity to monitor the success of your brand strategy, so you can identify what’s working and what isn’t. That way you can make any changes you need, to improve the quality of the brand experience.


How we deliver your brand management

Brand management is our commitment to your success. It’s a longer-term relationship (usually 12 months), to maximise the impact of your brand strategy. To do this we need to spend time with you, regularly. Either face-to-face, or on the phone. We’ll look at your targets and figures with you, so together we can see what’s working – and what isn’t. We’ll give you advice and guidance on what changes that need to be made, to maximise the impact of your brand strategy.

If you would like to know more about brand management, and what it could do for your organisation, drop us an email, or call Jonathan on 07816 870842. It would be great to hear from you!


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