Black envelope with the word Chanel on it

Make an impression. Every time.

Think of all the opportunities you have to make an impression. Even an envelope with some text on it.

This is the envelope that had the receipt in it.

But it still looks sophisticated. It still looks classy.

Everything you’d expect from Chanel.

They’ve taken every opportunity to make an impression on the customer – long after the sale has been made.

What opportunities do you have to make an impression on your customers?

– Every email
– Every invoice
– Every letter
– Every delivery
– Every time you communicate with them, in print, in person or online.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, make the most of these opportunities.




A clear brand strategy will create a competitive advantage for your business, and make it easier to win new customers. This is because it brings focus to your business, so you can identify what’s most important and make the best use of your resources.


Your brand identity will help you to raise your profile and stand out from your rivals in a competitive environment. We’ll work with you to create a strong brand identity that is distinctive and memorable, so you can make an impact, in print and on screen.


Strong brand management will drive your business success more efficiently and effectively. It is the process of building a relationship with your customers, by managing the quality of their experience, through every interaction people have with your organisation.