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Should you change your message in a recession?

A recession sees all kinds of change in the economy. Changes in demand, in priorities, in confidence and in attitude. In this situation it’s important to consider, should you change your message in a recession?

For existing customers you will need to understand how their priorities have changed. For new customers you will have to understand what their needs are. It will almost certainly be necessary to adapt your message. If you don’t, the risk is that your customers will consider your products and services irrelevant.

But it’s important to consider the degree of “change” necessary. However you adapt your message, it’s important that it still reflects your brand values. These values – and the behaviour they inspire – are the foundation of your relationship with your customers.

During a recession, in a period of change and uncertainty, it’s important to understand what is different for your customers. You need to adapt your message, so you can express your brand values in a way that remains relevant to them.


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