Co Cars

Co Cars is a cooperative, providing low carbon, on demand, affordable shared mobility, to communities across the south west.

We worked with Co Cars in 2011, when they were operating five cars in Exeter. We began working with Co Cars following their launch, when they were looking at how to raise the profile, and membership, of the club. Although their service offering was simple – a car-share cooperative – they had plans to expand their offer, so they wanted a brand identity that would accommodate their ambition.

The logo needed to be distinctive and eye-catching when glimpsed on a passing car. We created a logo that is bold and simple, offering the flexibility to be adapted to future needs.

Although some elements of their brand identity have evolved, the core icon which we designed for them remains. It has provided the flexibility required as new services have been added, and provided the foundation they needed to expand their network to new locations across the south west.