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Should all your businesses share a similar brand identity?

If you are launching a second (or even third or fourth) business, you may be wondering should all your businesses share a similar brand identity? To find the answer, you need to start with your customers. Are your current customers – the customers that buy from your original business – the same customers you want to buy from your new business?

If the answer’s “Yes”, then it makes sense for the two companies to have a similar brand identity. The reason is that you want your existing customers, to establish a similar, positive, relationship with the new business. That’s easier if the two businesses share some aspect of their brand identity.

However, if you want your new business to target a new audience, then you need a new brand identity. It’s important that you avoid any confusion between the two businesses. Establishing two different brand identities is an easy way to do this.

But what’s most important isn’t what the brand identity looks like, but the values associated with it. It’s these values that will determine the relationship the audience has with your new business. So it’s vital that you have clarity about the image you want to project.


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