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We completed this charity rebranding project for Hospiscare. They wanted a new logo and brand identity, to raise their profile and attract more support.


Hospiscare have been providing adult end-of-life care in Devon since 1982. They currently care for over 2,000 patients, every year. We had already been working with them for eight years when they asked us to rebrand the charity. As the demand for their services increased, Hospiscare recognised that they needed to attract more support and generate more income. To do this, they would need to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.


Working with the project team, we reviewed research they had gathered. It helped us to understand the issues that needed to addressed, in order to increase support for Hospiscare. This insight provided the foundation to the brand identity. At the heart of the new brand identity is the logo. We chose the tree to reflect the strong roots that Hospiscare has in the community. The colourful canopy represents both the diversity of the people who benefit from the support Hospiscare provides, and the people who provide that support.


The strapline is a really important part of the logo. A lot of people think Hospiscare is a national, not local, charity. This had been a barrier to support, so we wanted to use the logo to address this issue. We created a flexible strapline, that allows the logo to be adapted for each community where Hospiscare works. This reinforces their ‘local’ status.


We worked closely with the marketing team, to support the launch of the new brand identity. This include creating comprehensive brand guidelines, to make brand management more simple for them. The brand identity is applied across all the material Hospiscare use to engage local communities and supporters – from name badges and building signage to the website and vehicles.


This charity rebranding project did help Hospiscare to raise their profile. The new logo and brand identity improved fundraising activity, with a positive impact on income generation.
“We are delighted with the result, and have received a really positive response from our supporters too! Our identity has a lot more depth to its meaning, and it stands out on the high street.”

Kate Few-Singh,

Director of Income Generation,