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We worked with Exeter and East Devon Enterprise Zone (EEDEZ), as they attempted to raise their profile and reach a wider audience. This rebranding project involved the creation of a brand strategy and brand identity.


The Enterprise Zone is a designated area, offering a specific combination of services and facilities to businesses. EEDEZ is located across four separate sites, each offering different benefits to occupiers.


EEDEZ were frustrated that there was a lack of awareness and understanding about what they offered to businesses. This was having an impact on the development of the Enterprise Zone. The aim of the rebranding project was to change these perceptions and accelerate development. Place making was at the heart of the project. Creating a clear identity for EEDEZ, to attract occupiers, investors and employees.


Our first step was some research activity with stakeholders. We reviewed and analysed the feedback and submitted a report to the EEDEZ Board. The research helped us to develop the brand strategy, bringing focus and defining the role of the Enterprise Zone. With greater clarity around how to position EEDEZ in the market, we began to design the brand identity.


We wanted the logo to reflect how EEDEZ makes an impact, leaving ripples. Each of the “ripples” represents one of the four sites. The angle gives it more dynamism – a sense of movement. We designed the logo to be simple, so it can be applied across a wide range of material, both print and digital. We also provided brand guidelines, to support their brand management.


With a new brand identity, EEDEZ has been able to raise its profile. And the brand strategy has brought greater clarity to its communication. With these elements in place, EEDEZ is well placed to attract its “ideal” occupiers and drive growth.


“I have been very impressed with Alder and Alder’s approach which has gone back to first principles and systematically deconstructed and then reconstructed our core purpose and offer. Their analysis has been both searching and thought provoking.”


Andrew Wood

Service Lead – Growth, Development and Prosperity

East Devon District Council