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Is consistency important?

A consistent brand identity is really important for three reasons.

The first is; it makes it easy to use. If you have a set of rules to follow, about how to use the elements of your brand identity, you can design your marketing material more quickly. If you know where to place the logo and what colours to use, you have fewer decisions to make.

The second reason is recognition. It’s easier for potential customers to recognise your company and your products, if they look consistent. If the colour and style of your marketing material or packaging is the same every time people see it, it will become familiar much more quickly. As a result people will recognise your company more easily.

The third reason is credibility. If there’s consistency to the way you present your business, you will look more professional. If you can demonstrate attentional to detail in your marketing material, your website and your packaging, potential customers are more likely to assume that you put the same attention to detail in the product or service you provide.

So, when it comes to your brand identity, consistency is really important.


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