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Is brand still important for B2B companies?

The biggest brands belong to consumer-focused companies like Amazon and Apple. So is brand still important for B2B companies?

Many B2B (business-to-business) companies see brand as a tool for consumer-focused companies, like Coca-Cola, Nike or Tesco. These companies need a brand to attract customers and support their advertising. But B2B companies don’t. B2B companies rely on reputation, word-of-mouth and price. They need something more tangible than brand.

But those B2B companies don’t understand brand and its potential to drive business success. Your brand is everything. This includes the quality of your work, your customer service, your logo, your price, your website – everything you do. Your brand is your reputation – it’s what people think about you. So every business has a brand. It’s not something you chose.

The difference is how you use it. A B2C company – like Coca-Cola or Apple – will use their brand in a different way to a B2B company. B2C and B2B companies are targeting different audiences, so they’ll use different channels and different messages. But it’s all brand. Everything you do is part of your brand. So brand is just as important for a B2B companies.


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