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How your brand can help launch something new

In a time of uncertainty it can be necessary to adapt – to find new ways of doing things. To change what you do and how you do it. Covid-19 has certainly had that impact on the UK economy, transforming the way the country does business. If you are one of the businesses that needs to change, we want to explain how your brand can help launch something new.

The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have robbed many businesses of access to their customers. If you provide executive coaching, you can’t sit down with your client. For some businesses the demand has dropped, often dramatically. No-one wants to buy travel insurance when they can’t travel. But for other businesses their customers have simply disappeared. If you are a catering wholesale business that sells to restaurants, there are no restaurants to sell to.

To overcome these challenges businesses have adapted. Companies have found new ways to deliver their service, swapping a physical experience to a digital one. Some businesses have looked for new customers to sell their existing products or services to, while others have found new products to sell to their existing customers.

Whichever approach you take, there are challenges when you do something new. To begin with you need to get your customers attention. Then you need to hold their interest in your products or services, so you can win their commitment to buy from you. Your brand can provide the tools you need to overcome each of the challenges.

Get your customers attention

To do this you will need to raise your profile. In a period of upheaval this can more challenging, because people are distracted – at work and at home. Success at this step will rely on your brand identity – your logo, colour palette, imagery – and using it consistently. You need to be distinctive and memorable. One of the most significant cultural impacts of Covid-19 is that it has driven society online. So that’s the environment where you need to raise your profile, through your website, email and social media.

Hold your customers interest

But simply getting noticed isn’t enough. You need to hold your customers interest. As priorities change in the current situation, that can be difficult, even with existing customers. To claim their attention you need to be relevant. You need to talk about something that is important to them – something that will have a positive impact on their current situation. To do this you need to think about your proposition. Your proposition is a statement of the benefit you will bring to your customers. It needs to be strong enough to cut through the noise and hold their interest.

Win your customers commitment

When you have their interest, it’s vital that you hold it long enough to win their commitment to buy from you. To do this you need to build trust. Trust is built on shared values – especially during this Covid-19 crisis. Through your brand identity and proposition you need to demonstrate your values. In a digital environment the technology creates another layer, between you and your customer. In this situation it’s important to consider how you can create the most “human” experience possible. This will help you to win your customers commitment.

As the economy adjusts to compensate for new restrictions and unanticipated demands, businesses will need to be flexible. The need to adopt new business models, find new customers and break into new markets will continue. But, as you face these new challenges, don’t forget to consider how your brand can help launch something new.

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