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How to remain relevant in a crisis

In the current economic turmoil it is important to understand how to remain relevant in a crisis, when everything is changing.

The ability to deliver clarity can be incredibly valuable in a period of uncertainty. Your customers, whether they are businesses or consumers, are adapting to new circumstances. They are coming to terms with new ways of selling, buying, communicating, working and living.

To remain relevant, amongst so much disruption, you need to tell your customers how your products and services will improve their life. What is the problem you will solve? What is the benefit you will deliver? This is your proposition. It should give your customers a compelling reason to buy from you.

How to remain relevant in a crisis

There is no set format for you brand proposition, or fixed formula (although you can find lots of templates online). It needs to work in lots of different situations and circumstances. It might need to be a single sentence, an advert, or an entire sales presentation. Your proposition is just a description of the benefit customers will experience when they buy from you. In the current situation it will be really important to consider how you will deliver it online.

In an uncertain environment your proposition becomes even more important, because it brings clarity. At a time of instability and uncertainty, your proposition can provided stability. If you need to reach new customers or break into new markets, this can be particularly valuable. It will give your customers confidence in your products and services, and build trust.

But even with existing customers, a strong proposition can help to retain loyalty. As their priorities alter and their needs change, it is easy for your customers to become distracted by their short-term challenges. Your previous role in their life or business will be forgotten. In this situation your proposition can help to retain the long-term relationship with your customers.

Looking to the future

For those businesses most adversely effected by Covid-19, those that have had to close or severely restrict services, a strong proposition could be particularly valuable. As life returns to “normal”, it will be important for these businesses to re-establish their relationship with their customers. Things will undoubtedly be different. But their ability to deliver products and services that solve customers’ problems will be the same. A strong, clear proposition will provide the foundation to rebuild on.

In this uncertain environment, a clear proposition can provide stability. It will build trust with your customers, giving them confidence in your products and services. Not only is this important now, as you establish how to remain relevant in a crisis, but it will also build a platform for future growth, when the economy becomes more stable.


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