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How to reach new customers

As the UK stumbles out of lockdown, it will slide into recession. The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has said it is “very likely” the UK is in a “significant recession”. The UK economy shrank by 2% in the first three months of 2020. Some estimates predict it will drop by 25% in the second quarter. As the economy continues to adjust to the impact of coronavirus, companies might need to consider how to reach new customers. If you do, there are three questions you need to answer.

Where will you find them?

If you are looking for ‘more’ customers (like the ones you already sell to), rather than ‘new’ ones, this isn’t such a problem. You know where to find them. But things are different now. They might not be where they used to be.

However, many companies need new customers who are ‘different’. One of the things that might make them different is where you will find them. They might be online. You might find them at home. They could be in a different part of the country, or even on a different continent. So before you do anything, take some time to make sure you know where to find your new customers.

WHow will you get their attention?

In a crowded, competitive and – at the moment – confused environment, you need to make an impact. You need to do this in print and online. You need to do it on people’s screens, in their offices and in their homes. To make an impact you need to be consistent – it will help you to become familiar. Your brand identity (logo, colour, typeface, imagery) can help you to do that. At every opportunity.

But it’s not just about the visual image you project through your brand identity. It’s about what you say, too. Whether it’s through the content you share online, or what you say in a podcast or webinar, the language you use can make a difference. It’s important to consider the topics and themes you discuss, as well. As you consider how to reach new customers, talk about what’s important to them. That will get their attention.

What do they need?

When you have the attention of your new customers, it’s important to say something relevant. What is relevant to your new customers, might be different to what was relevant to your old customers. It’s important to understand the challenges – or opportunities – your new customers are facing.

Your new customers probably sit in one of two categories. The first category is customers – businesses or consumers – that are still adapting to the impact of Covid-19. They are still experiencing uncertainty, as they establish new ways of working and living. These will be the customers most heavily effected by lockdown and the impact of distancing rules.

The second category are those customers that have adapted to their new situation. They are more confident about what is going to happen next, so are more willing to buy the products and services they need to do that. It’s important to identify which category your new customers sit in. It will help you to understand what they need, and how you can be relevant to them.

As the UK economy moves into a new – and challenging – phase, businesses will need to adapt. You will need to find new ways of working and, as part of that you may need to consider how to reach new customers. Finding the answer to these three questions will help you to do that more successfully.

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