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How to adapt your message in a recession

A recession sees all kinds of change in the economy. Changes in demand, in priorities, in confidence and in attitude. These changes are having an enormous impact on how, when and why your customers buy your products or services. As the economy emerges from lockdown, it’s vital to understand how to adapt your message in a recession, so you can respond to the changes in customer behaviour.

The risk in failing to adapt, is that you will appear disconnected from your customers. If your message doesn’t remain relevant, your relationship with your customers will weaken. The last thing you want to do, in an uncertain economic environment, is damage your relationship with your customers.

But it’s important to understand how to change. The change needs to be on the outside, not the inside.

Your brand is the heart of your business – the thing that connects you to your customers. One of the elements of your brand are your values. Your values are a set of guiding principles that influence how you do business. It’s these values that determine the experience your customers have. They have been – in some way – the foundation of your success to date. So they will be the foundation for your success in the future. These are the things you don’t want to change.

But you do need to make changes – on the outside. You need to make changes to the way you communicate these values. Your customers are changing the way they behave, to adapt to different ways of living and working. As new routines and schedules emerge, you need to understand how to adapt your message in a recession. To remain relevant, you need to consider when, where, how and what you communicate with your customers.

When you communicate:

Schedules have changed – at home and at work. With schooling, working and relaxing all happening in the same place, routines have needed to adapt. Finding the best time to reach someone with your message is essential.

Where you communicate:

The growth of digital communication has surged during Lockdown. But your customer’s screens are increasingly crowded. Just because online can be an easy and cheap approach, doesn’t mean it is best. It’s important to consider all the platforms and channels that are available to reach customers.

How you communicate:

Technology provides an increasing number of ways to communicate. Podcasts and webinars have been ideal formats during Lockdown. And a different pace to work and home life has given some people more time to consume content. So it’s important to consider the format you use.

What you communicate:

Your customers needs and expectations may have changed. It’s important to understand how, so your message is relevant to the situation they are in now. Some customers will be looking for information and advice, to help them make decisions. But others will want to be able to buy your products or services.

The environment we do business in has changed dramatically. And it will continue to. As the economy moves into a downturn, your customers will face new challenges. This may create obstacles for you – or it may create opportunities. Whichever scenario you are faced with, you will need a clear understanding of how to adapt your message in a recession. This will help you to remain relevant to your customers, through the recession – and into the recovery that follows.


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