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How long does it take to rebrand?

Answering this question – “How long does it take to rebrand?” – is tricky, because there’s no simple answer. The truth is it varies, depending on the size of the organisation. The larger an organisation, the longer it takes to rebrand it. This is simply because larger organisations are more complex. It takes more time to get to know the organisation and understand the image they need to project.

From experience, we have completed rebranding projects for smaller clients in 4-5 weeks. The longest we have spent rebranding a client is probably 7 or 8 months.

But what’s important about a rebranding exercise isn’t how fast you can do it. The focus should be on getting it right.

Key considerations for your rebrand

To do that, there are three things you need to consider:
The first is your objective. What do you want to achieve as an organisation?
The second is your message. What do you need to tell people to achieve that?
The third is your audience. Who do you need to deliver your message to?

It takes time to answer these questions – and more time the larger and more complex your organisation is. But it’s time well spent. The answers to these questions will bring focus to your rebrand, so that your new brand can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

So, the larger your organisation is, the longer it will take you to rebrand. But what’s important is that you take the time to do it properly, so it makes a real difference.


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