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How do you remain relevant, when everything is changing?

In the current economic turmoil it is important to consider how do you remain relevant, when everything is changing?

The ability to deliver clarity can be incredibly valuable in a period of uncertainty. Your customers, whether they are businesses or consumers, are adapting to new circumstances. New ways of selling, buying, communicating, working, living.

To remain relevant, amongst so much disruption, you need to tell your customers how your products and services will improve their life. What is the problem you will solve? What is the benefit you will deliver? This is your proposition. It should give your customers a compelling reason to buy from you.

Your proposition is usually captured in a short statement (but often supported by a more detailed description). In an uncertain environment, a clear proposition can provide stability. It will give your customers confidence in your products and services, and build trust. Not only will this help you remain relevant now, but it will also build a platform for future growth, when the economy becomes more stable.


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