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How do you reach new customers?

As the economy continues to adjust, you might be in a position where you need to find more customers. In that situation it’s important to consider, how do you reach new customers?

To reach new customers, there are three questions you need to answer. Where will you find them? If you are looking for ‘more’ customers (like the ones you already sell to), this isn’t a problem. But if you need new customers who are ‘different’ from your existing ones, you need to consider where they are. This could mean identifying the social media platforms they use or where they live.

How will you get their attention? In a crowded, competitive and – at the moment – confused environment, you need to make an impact. Your brand identity (logo, colour, typeface, imagery) will help you to do that. It’s not necessarily about being the biggest and the boldest. It’s about looking the most relevant. Your brand needs to project the right image for your business.

What do they need? It’s important to understand the challenges – or opportunities – your new customers are facing. They might be different to those of your “old” customers. You need to demonstrate that you’re relevant, with a solution that will help them.

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