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How do you raise your profile in a crisis?

When your customer’s priorities change, it’s easy to be overlooked or forgotten. In this situation it is important to consider how do you raise your profile in a crisis.

To raise your profile you need to be seen. In a crowded and confusing environment it is easy to be overlooked. Your brand identity – your logo, colour palette, imagery – will help you to stand out. You may be trying to raise your profile to reach new customers. Or you maybe trying to maintain your profile with existing customers. In either scenario, your brand identity is equally important.

To raise you profile you also need to be heard. Whether it’s a blogpost, webinar, podcast, social media post or newsletter, you need to say something interesting and relevant to your customers. This is your proposition – the benefit you deliver. It will need to be repackaged for each format, so it doesn’t become repetitive and boring. But focus on your proposition.

In a situation full of uncertainty you need to remain active – be seen and be heard – so you can raise your profile.


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