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How do you find your USP?

“How do you find your USP?” This is a question that always sparks conversation. Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition. It’s a concept that was introduced into advertising in the 1940s, as a method of differentiating rival businesses.

I think USP is confusing term. It sets an unrealistic expectation for a lot of business owners. They think they need to find something “unique” about their business. And that’s tough. The dictionary definition of “unique” is “one of a kind”. Very few businesses offer a product or service that’s “unique”.

Even a company like Apple, that’s introduced so many innovative products, would struggle to claim a USP. They brought us the iPod and the iPhone, but they weren’t the first company to make an MP3 player or a smartphone. Their strength was to do it better than the competition.

So my advice is don’t look for a USP. It probably doesn’t exist. Just look for something that’s different about your business. Something that’s a strength. Something you do better. It could be the range of skills you offer, or the quality of your products. The key thing to remember is that this “strength” must be something that’s valuable to your customers. It needs to be something they want.


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