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How do you create a new company name?

A company name is really important – it’s often the first thing someone will hear about your business – so it’s important to consider, how do you create a new company name? This post looks at some of the practical considerations.

The first couple of points concern availability.
You need to establish is whether someone else is already using the name. If you’re setting up a Limited Company, you need to check at Companies House. If the name is already registered, you’ll have to find another.

You also need to think about the website and the URL. Is that available for your name? Try and keep the URL as simple and short as possible.

The next few points concern your audience, and how they will need to use your name.
So, when you’re thinking of a name, is it easy to spell? This is particularly important if your name is a made-up word, or a customised spelling of a familiar word.

It’s also important to consider how to say your name. If it’s an unusual word people might get it wrong. Or they might be reluctant to say it, because they don’t want to get it wrong.

The final thing to consider is Google. If your company name is too generic – Top Accountants or Business IT Solutions – people might struggle to find you on Google. You’ll just get lost amongst the results.


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