Case study: Hospiscare rebrand

Hospiscare took the decision to rebrand when they recognised that they would need to increase their income, to maintain the scale and quality of their care in the future. This is a case study of our work on the Hospiscare charity rebrand project. We worked with them to design a logo and develop a brand that would help them to raise their profile and clearly communicate the impact they have in their local communities.

Why Hospiscare needed to rebrand

Hospiscare is a Devon-based charity that delivers adult end-of-life care across an area of over 700 square miles with a population of 382,000 people. To do this they need to raise over £5 million every year, to care for an average of 2,000 patients and their families. A comprehensive review of Hospiscare’s model of care highlighted that the need for their services would grow – an ageing population with more complex needs would need more care. To meet this increasing demand Hospiscare would need to increase their income. Research in local communities had identified that Hospiscare’s branding needed modernizing. In an increasingly competitive market they needed to raise their profile and compete with other charities, both local and national, to increase their income and attract new supporters.

In order achieve this, we would need to help Hospiscare communicate their key messages: “Who we are and what we do”, “We’re caring in your community” and “We’re local, not national”. We have been working with Hospiscare since 2007 so we had a good understanding of them, but feedback from the research in the local communities was really valuable. It was this insight that gave us the foundation of our creative approach.

Creating the new Hospiscare brand

At the heart of the new identity is the logo. We created a logo that can be adapted for each community that Hospiscare works in, to help reinforce the fact that Hospiscare is a ‘local’ charity. To support the logo there is a new typeface, a colour palette, a new strapline, guidelines on the imagery they should use and a design style that brings all of these elements together. This visual identity brings consistency to all of Hospiscare’s communication material, whether it is print or digital.

With all the elements of the visual identity established, Hospiscare were in a position to clearly communicate their key messages at every opportunity – through their stationery, literature, fund raising material, signage, digital communications, shop facias and vehicle graphics. To ensure that the quality and consistency was maintained, we worked closely with Hospiscare’s marketing and communications team to create a comprehensive brand guidelines document.

The impact of the rebrand

The rebrand has created the platform Hospiscare needed to communicate their message more clearly. “We are delighted with the result, and have received a really positive response from our supporters too!” said Kate Few-Singh, the Director of Income Generation at Hospiscare. “They like the tree. It has a lot more depth to its meaning, people see it in different ways: representing the elements of our care, our roots in the community, the tree of life. It’s fresh and happy. It stands out on the high street.”

If you would like to see more examples of the work we created, as part of the Hospiscare charity rebrand, you can visit our portfolio.

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