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Does brand matter for an independent consultant?

How does brand matter for an independent consultant? To consider this we need to understand what brand is. Your brand – whether you’re an individual or a company – is the way you’re perceived, by the people around you. It’s a lot like your reputation.

So, as an independent consultant, brand is enormously important, because it’s all you’ve got. Understanding how to manage your brand, so you can use it to your greatest advantage, is really valuable.

To do that, you need to understand the four constituent elements of a brand. They are:
– The service (or product)
– The people
– The communication
– The location

So what do these elements mean to a consultant? The main difference for a consultant, is that the first two – the service and the people – are very closely connected. As a consultant, your knowledge and expertise is the service that people are buying.

Communication covers things like your social media activity and your website. It will also include any printed material you provide.

Location is the place where you interact with your clients. This could be a virtual environment online, or it could be a physical environment, like an event or your clients’ office.

Thinking about how you can use each of these elements, to influence what people think about you, is a really valuable exercise. So, to answer this weeks question: Yes, brand does matter for an independent consultant, if you use it well.


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