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Can you build loyalty in a crisis?

When your customers are under pressure, it is a great opportunity to build loyalty. But can you build loyalty in a crisis?

In a time of uncertainty, your customers – whether they are businesses or individuals – want something they can rely on. You have the opportunity to be that thing. if you are able to give your customers what they want / need, when they want / need it, you will begin to build trust. If you can do that consistently, that trust will grow into loyalty.

But a crisis can also be a threat to loyalty. In a time of uncertainty your customer’s priorities can change, threatening existing relationships and commitments. In this situation it’s important to be conscious of what changes might be taking place in your customers world, and how you can respond to them. It might be that they still need your products or service, but they need it delivered in a different format. If you can adapt to their changing priorities, you can retain their loyalty.


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