It’s time for change. We believe social enterprises have the opportunity to be the change. To help exploit this opportunity we have created a guide to branding for social enterprises.

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Public services are under increasing pressure, and price-led private sector providers are struggling to cope. Consumers are growing skeptical of ‘big business’ and increasingly looking for companies that operate on a human level and stand for something more meaningful than profit. Digital technology continues to influence expectations, as users demand an increasingly personalised service. The impact of Brexit remains unknown, but it is certain to affect access to customers, suppliers, funding and staff.

Change is all around us, and undoubtedly brings challenges, but it also brings opportunities. It brings the opportunity to do something different. Something new. Something better.

Social enterprises have the opportunity to be the change and bring the solution. But to win a new audience you have to explain why you are the solution. Our guide, Time For Change, has been produced in partnership with Social Enterprise Mark CIC. It explains, in three stages, the importance of branding for social enterprises. We hope you find it useful!

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Time For Change: A guide to branding for social enterprises

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