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Whether you look at 2020 with excitement, fear, optimism, or apathy, the next 12 months will be a period of change. There’s nothing new about that. Every year is different. Every year has its challenges and its opportunities. But the change in Britain’s relationship with Europe, and as a consequence the rest of the world, will be unprecedented.

Against such a backdrop it might seem naive to try and offer any kind of insight into the next 12 months. But as we looked at the issues that will be most influential, we feel there is one factor that connects them all: People.

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The most successful businesses in 2020 will understand the human perspective. They will recognise the importance of understanding and engaging with people. That includes your customers, your suppliers, your clients, your investors and your staff. Your ability to influence what people think, and what people do, will govern the outcome of the next 12 months. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you will be dependent on them.

So as we stand on the brink of a new year – and a new decade – there are three questions we think you need to answer:
• Who is behind the technology?
• What is important to people?
• What do my customers want?

In our Brand Preview 2020 we explain how to find the answers. Because the companies that do, are the companies that will prosper this year. You can download it here.

Brand Preview 2020: A human perspective

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