Brand Consultancy

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Brand Consultancy

Brand consultancy is all about giving your organisation a competitive advantage. Whether we’re working with a business owner or leadership team, we can bring brand expertise to the heart of your organisation. This can be to help you achieve a specific short-term goal, like launching a new product. Or it may be to provide on-going brand insight for your organisation, to support your long-term objectives. Whatever you need, we know that the closer we are able to work with you, the better we will get to know you and the greater the competitive advantage we can create for you.
Brand Consultancy can help you to:
• Define your message to customers
• Launch new products more effectively
• Make an impact in new markets
• Stand out from competitors
• Identify your target market
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“Working with Jonathan gave me someone I could talk through the issues with, to test solutions. To our organisation he bought the experience of someone who had ‘been over the mountain’ and could help us see what was on the other side. There was a structured process to help us do that, and it was done in such a way that people felt included. For the Board, Jonathan was an experienced guide, who they could trust. This allowed them to find new ways of seeing the organisation. Jonathan asked searching questions and challenged our assumptions, and that allowed us to begin our journey.”
Chief Executive, Healthcare organisation

Some of our brand consulting projects…

Client: Manufacturer of electrical components
Service provided: Consultation meeting
Our client is a £12m turnover manufacturer, with production facilities in the UK and established partnerships in China. As part of a long-term business development strategy we were commissioned to work with the Managing Director and Sales Director, to give guidance on developing their brand. Our Action Plan identified the need for more work to define a clearer ‘message’ for the business which would help them to stand out from competitors in a crowded, price-driven market.

Client: Healthcare organisation
Service provided: Brand workshop
We were commissioned by the Chief Executive to work with this organisation to help them define a unified purpose and set of values, to prepare them for their next stage of development. Following a recent merger, clarity about the purpose of the organisation was considered key to developing the necessary structure and attitude to adapt to significant changes within the sector and build a platform for sustainable growth. To do this we ran a brand workshop where the board members were able to clarify their purpose, their services and their target audience.

Client: Manufacturer of building frames
Service provided: Brand audit
After several years of changes within the company, and within the sector, the directors of the company wanted to take the opportunity to undertake a thorough review of how the business was perceived, as part of their wider business development strategy. Our Brand Audit involved working closely with the four directors, speaking to all of the staff within the business and extensive telephone interviews with partner companies and their customers. Our Action Plan recommended three activities, which the directors estimated had the potential to bring an additional £250,000 income.

Client: Local authority
Service provided: Strategy consultation
We were commissioned to create a communication strategy to support the local implementation of a national government-backed campaign to give householders the opportunity to switch to a better energy tariff. This local campaign was one of four running across the UK. The target audience for the campaign was low-income households and so we created a PR campaign, using local press and radio as well as live events, that took the campaign into the target communities. As a result of this strategy our campaign achieved the best success rate across the UK, with the highest number of households switching their energy tariff.

Client: Manufacturer of consumer product
Service provided: Brand management
We are working with an ambitious startup to help them co-ordinate their marketing activity. The aim is to help them make the most efficient and effective use of their limited resources. This has involved identifying their target market and putting a strategy in place to engage them, while remaining flexible to respond to new opportunities, including listings with High Street retailers.

What brand consultancy offers

[accordion_content title=”Advice for business owners”]
Get expert insight to help you define your message and your target market, so you can stand out from your competitors.
[accordion_content title=”Strategic insight at board level”]
For a board of directors brand consultancy can provide clarity and focus to support the business development strategy.
[accordion_content title=”Communication review”]
A brand audit can provide a valuable review of your current communication activity – across all channels – to assess its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
[accordion_content title=”Launching new products and services”]
Get expert advice to support the launch of a new product or service, so you can use your resources as effectively as possible.
[accordion_content title=”Measure the impact”]
On-going brand management will enable you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activity, so you can maximise the benefit.