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Our Brand Clinic is your opportunity to discuss the role your brand can play in taking your business to the next level. It’s aimed at ambitious business leaders who have questions. Our Brand Clinic will give you some answers.

The Brand Clinic is ideal for business owners, charity leaders, chief executives, entrepreneurs, chairman and directors who are passionate about what you do, and serious about taking action. The Brand Clinic offers you a complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation with a brand expert.

Whether you want to look at the big picture and understand how your brand should be working across your organisation, or focus on a particular detail that you feel needs work, the Brand Clinic is an opportunity to ask your questions in confidence. There is no charge for booking a session at the Brand Clinic.

Book your session today. Just choose a date from the list opposite.

The Brand Clinic is open once a month. Each session at the clinic is a one-to-one telephone consultation, hosted by our Managing Director, Jonathan Alder. You simply book your session online, then call us at the agreed time on the specified day. At the end of the conversation Jonathan will give you three suggested actions for you to apply to your organisation.

These are some of the questions we’ve answered

Customer loyalty

How to nurture customer loyalty – from winning new customers to keeping existing ones.

A clear message

The importance of clarity when you communicate, with customers, investors or your own team.

Your ‘purpose’

How to define the purpose of your organisation, and how it can help to focus your activity.

Stand out

How to stand out from competitors, and identify the opportunities that exist to do this.

Raise your profile

How to develop your visual communication to attract and engage with new customers.

How you look

Why your visual identity is important and when you need new logos, packaging, websites, brochures.

How you behave

Understanding the importance of the ‘customer experience’ and how your behaviour influences it.

Product launch

How to take a new product to market and develop and execute a plan to reach your customers.

New market

How do you break in to a new market and develop a strategy to raise your profile and make an impact?

The big picture

What is a brand? What benefits can it bring to your business? Where do you start?

The small details

How to apply brand to a specific issue within your organisation and take the first step to finding a solution.

Branding for the boardroom

How to explain the role of brand to your leadership team, and the benefits it can bring you.