Project Logo 366

Logo 366 is our project, celebrating the logo and the role it plays in modern society. Every day, for one year, we’re sharing a logo, through our Instagram account. We’re going to look at new logos we might be seeing for the first time, and older ones we’ve been looking at all our lives. We’ll explore familiar logos that are recognised around the world, and discover obscure logos that don’t reach so far. Over one year, day by day, we’ll try and embrace the variety that the term ‘logo’ describes.

We want to help organisations understand the potential that lies in their logo. The potential to win new customers, build stronger relationships, stand out from competitors, break into new markets, launch new products, communicate more clearly… the opportunities are enormous. This is why logos are important, and why we want to celebrate them with Logo 366.

To join the celebration follow #ProjectLogo366 at our Instagram account.

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Logo Mercedes 620 x 150


Why is a logo important?

Your logo is a visual signature for your organisation, an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition and make you attractive to your target audience. Your logo is your introduction to the world – it will often be the first thing your target audience see – so it’s important to get it right. Download our guide >

When should you change your logo?

There are two situations when you should consider making a change to your logo: when there is a change within your organisation, or when there is a change within your sector. Your logo should be a reflection of your organization, so that it can help you to tell your story. So if your organisation is going through some changes, maybe your logo should too. Download our guide >

Where do you start?

There are three questions you need to ask yourself at the start of a logo design project. Why do we need a new logo? What message do we want the new logo to communicate? Who is our message aimed at? The answers to these questions form the foundation for the project and will help you to find a logo that makes a real impact for your organisation. Download our guide >


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