Design Consultancy

Design Consultancy is about creating the visual side of your brand, to make your organisation distinctive and memorable. Whether that is designing a logo, a website, a brochure or a piece of packaging, the role of design consultancy is to help your organisation communicate your message. You could be a new business starting with a blank canvas, or an established business that already has things in place. We’ll work with you to design whatever you need, from a full visual identity, to a single label for a new product, to give you a competitive advantage – in print and online.

Design Consultancy includes:
• Designing a new logo
• Building or updating a website
• Creating packaging for your products
• Producing brochures and printed literature
• Establishing a strong digital identity

To see examples of our Design Consultancy work, take a look at our portfolio.

Some of our work

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Startup design brief 620x150

Logo Mercedes 620 x 150