Brand Delivery is all about using your brand proposition to create a brand experience that is distinctive and memorable. If you are successful you will influence what your target audience think and how they behave. This will help you to build relationships and win new business. For this reason effective Brand Delivery is really valuable.

Brand Delivery = brand exprience

Your brand experience is a reflection of the relationship your target audience have with your organisation. Do they love you or hate you? Do they even know you exist? The answers to these questions will be influenced by every single interaction your target audience has with your organization. Each conversation, email and purchase. Each interaction is an opportunity to nurture your relationship with your target audience and influence their behaviour.


Brand Delivery will help you to:



How to create your brand experience

Your brand experience consists of four elements: your product or service, your communication, your people, your environment. To build a great brand experience for your target audience you need to exploit each of them.
Your product or service
This is probably the most significant element of your brand experience. The reason is it’s what your customers have paid for. A number of factors can influence this. These could include the price, the availability or the quality of your product or service.

Your communication
This includes your activity online and offline. It covers visual assets, like your logo and website. It also includes the messages in social media and PR activity. Each of these elements will determine the quality of your communication.

Your people
Your people are a powerful asset in delivering your brand experience. This is true whether that interaction is online or face-to-face. The quality of the brand experience will be influenced by their attitude and experience.

Your environment

The environment where you interact your target audience can be physical or digital. The physical environment could be retail space, an office or even a trade show. For digital businesses the environment could be a website or an app.


Why consistency is important

The significance of each element in forming the brand experience will vary from sector to sector. It will also vary from organisation to organisation. But to deliver a great brand experience – one that differentiates your organisation from the competition – you need consistency. The quality of the brand experience needs to be maintained through each interaction. And through each element of the experience. For example, it’s no good making great products, if you sell them in a poor environment.

Brand Delivery needs brand management

To ensure consistency in your brand experience, you need to manage it. Brand Management is the on-going measurement of the quality of your brand experience. Sometimes that may be through the measuring something tangible; How many products did we sell last month? But it could also be more anecdotal; What are people saying about us on social media? The aim of brand management is to identify what’s working, and what isn’t. In this way you can make changes to the delivery of your brand experience, to maintain the quality. This will increase the benefit to your organization.

Brand Delivery is the opportunity to bring your brand proposition to life. It will create a platform for you to launch new products, break into new markets or simply reach more customers. You just need to create a brand experience that is distinctive, memorable and consistent.

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