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Your brand should work hard for your business. It should make a difference. But how? What is the job your brand development should be doing?

I was reading an article about the exhibition of British Design that opened at the V&A last month. Six designers were asked to choose their favourite design: there was the Mini, the Anglepoise lamp, the Brompton bike. But what was interesting wasn’t the objects selected, but the reason behind the choice.


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 Each object had been chosen for two reasons: It looked good, and it worked. It did a job. And it did it well.

It seems obvious. If you’re designing a product – a car, a lamp, a bicycle – you expect it to do a particular job. To perform a specific function. But when it comes to designing a brand, so many fail to meet that criteria. Brand is so often seen as decoration. Not a business tool.

Whatever your business, your brand exists to perform two roles: To win new customers and to retain existing ones. Exactly how it fullfils those two roles will vary from business to business, but to achieve either it needs to communicate. It needs to tell your audience something about your business, something that will make them buy your products or services.

So if you want to raise your profile, or stand out in a competitive market place, your brand is the tool for that job. If you want to reach your target market, or explain the benefit of your services, that’s what your brand’s there for.

If you don’t think your brand is making a difference to your business, then it’s not working hard enough.

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  1. Annabelle Spender
    May 22, 2012

    You just have to look at Coke to see how branding makes a difference. Even though people prefered the taste of pepsi in the 80′s, the brand loyalty was with Coke. When They then released “New Coke” with a new brand look, the loyalty went away! Quickly returning the poorer tasting yet original branding and it went on to be the leading fizzy drink in all countries (except for Scotland).

    You then have their christmas advert, where the words “holidays are coming” bring forth thoughts of Coke and Christmas. Due to outrage at a change in direction, the old advert was brought back as many argued you could only tell christmas was coming when you saw that advert!

    People buy into Coke more because of the brand than the flavour! As blind taste tests show! So make your brand strong and ni the future you will have ever strong loyalty!

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