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There’s no doubt that a company name is important. But it is only a name. What that name represents is far more important to a business.

Someone pointed me at this article about company naming. It’s an interesting read, but I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of it. But it did get me thinking about names, and five things you should consider.


1: It’s only a name. You should be using all of the elements of your visual identity to engage your target audience.

2: Memorable is good. But it’s a lot more important that people remember the value of your product or service (to them). (But do make sure they’ve got your contact details!).

3: It doesn’t need to describe what you do. It can be useful if it does, but it’s not essential. (Think of Apple, Marks & Spencer or Google).

4: Use a strapline (or positioning statement, as they’re sometimes called). It can be a great tool for helping to tell the brand story. (Compare Natwest: Helpful banking, with Lloyds TSB: For the journey).

5: The URL’s not everything. Again, a URL that’s the same as the company name is good, but often hard to find nowadays. It’s slightly different for online businesses, but don’t compromise the company name.


So look at your company name, and the brand behind it. Do they work together to tell people the benefit you can bring to their business, or life? If not, you might want to do some work on them. A visit to one of our free seminars could be a good place to start.


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